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Hello & Welcome to Luv You Mor Organics!

The meaning of “Luv You Mor”

For us, Luv You Mor has two meanings. In our family, any time anyone says “I Luv You,” we respond, "Luv You More." We can go back and forth all day long saying “No, I Luv You More”…”No, I Luv You More”!  The other meaning relates back to our Indian heritage.  In Hindi, Mor means Peacock.  The Mor is the national bird of India and is seen as a token of good luck and well-being and who doesn't want that for their babies!  We luv having this opportunity to share a little bit of our Indian heritage from our family to yours.  


Our Vision

Born in Hoboken, NJ, the idea of Luv You Mor started when I had my first child and I realized the importance of being able to dress my baby in soft, durable, natural materials.  Of course, I also wanted stylish options.  Luv You Mor provides cozy organic clothing for babies and toddlers, with a fashionable, simple look.

We offer the modern, eco-conscious family a unique and fun collection of clothing that goes beyond the conventional light pinks and blues, and explores the bright colors of India… colors that reflect our babies’ bright and unique personalities!  We provide high quality, soft and stylish products, inspired by our Indian heritage, but with a modern twist that we hope will be loved by today’s parents and gift- givers.  With our GOTS certified organic cotton and low-impact dyes, we hope to inspire families to make better choices for their babies… and the environment!  Our products are great for baby showers, birth of a baby, a coming home outfit, or anytime you want to say… luv you mor!

Garments are environmentally friendly and come packaged in our signature eco-chic gift boxes...no need to wrap, all ready to give!


Our Story

I grew up in New Jersey with my brother and sisters, but every summer we’d leave behind the baseball games and barbeques to spend a few months in the villages of India… and we loved it! We played with our cousins, kicked up dust as we ran around the dirt roads, ate fresh fruit as the juice dribbled down our chins, and played on rooftops where peacocks would leave their feathers for us to collect. It was carefree and fun, and we still treasure the memories today. Though I enjoy living in the western world I appreciate what India has to offer, the history and culture, the exuberant festivals, and the lively, beautiful and bold colors and textures that seem to reflect the spirit of the people. The simplicity and joy of our early memories and the richness and depth we later learned to appreciate, is what I had in mind when we created the designs for Luv You Mor.

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Rushmi Mathur

Rushmi Mathur

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