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Giving back


Our dedication to our community does not stop with our environmentally friendly products and packaging.  We also work exclusively with socially responsible companies and we ensure that the workers who make our products are paid a fair wage and treated with dignity.  As our company grows, Luv You Mor is strongly committed to donating a portion of all profits to various charities and non-profits.  We would like to give back by taking care of our environment, our communities and, most importantly, our children.  We would like to support causes that we find most important such as children, health and welfare, and environmental sustainability.


Made In India
All of our products are made in India, the source of our design inspiration.  By working with local craftsmen, whose working conditions have been Fair Trade and Fair Wage certified, Luv You Mor takes advantage of the opportunity to give back to a culture that has always been a source of pride and inspiration for our family. 


Support Local Economy
Luv You Mor is proud to support the local economy and works with small businesses in the USA.  All our products are made in India but we work with local companies on all other aspects of the business...a nice balance between the east and west.  We believe that by working with local companies we can reduce costs, improve quality control, and maintain strong business partnerships.  Our U.S. based team includes our screen printer, custom box company, photographer, and printer for hang tags and business cards.


Environmentally friendly
Luv You Mor was built on the idea of eco consciousness. We believe in protecting the future of the world that our children will inherit. This means crafting fashionable products in socially and ecologically responsible ways: using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and low-impact dyes, water/soy based screen printing, as well as working with Fair Trade and Fair Wage suppliers in India. Our products are packaged in our stylish, 100% recycled signature eco-chic gift boxes … no need to wrap, ready to give! Luv You Mor uses 100% recycled content, 50% post consumer waste paper for all printing including tags for our clothing.