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Size Chart


In general, our sizing is VERY generous.  This is why we use pounds instead of age for the sizing.  Please use the weight and length in the chart below.  I know first-hand that babies outgrow their clothes so quickly, especially in the first few months.  “One time wear” is neither economical nor environmental.  So, I always recommend to my friends, and now to my customers, to purchase the 6-17 lbs sizing for most babies under nine months of age, including newborns.  This way, mom and baby will be able to get the most wear and enjoyment out of their new garment.   For older babies up to ~2 years we offer 15-27 lbs sizing.   If you need help choosing a size, please feel free to contact us.  Our size chart is below.


Weight (lbs) 

Length (inches)

Approximate Age

6-17 lbs

17-26 inches

up to ~6-9 months

15-27 lbs

25-33 inches

up to ~2 years